The Rabbit

“Like skinning a rabbit,”

You exhaled with a smirk,

As you slid my shirt over my head.

Silly rabbit…

Ensnared by the taste

Of your laugh in my mouth,

I found myself begging to be devoured. 




Even drunk,

I am caught off guard

By the way I remain

Intoxicated by you. 


I am obsessed with the way the air hums electric between us,

Moments before our mouths collide…

In my whole life,

I have never been kissed like this. 

It is worth losing everything for…

To get lost in you. 


Edge of Almost

You left me stranded on the Edge of Almost,

Teetering on the brink of What Could Be,

Straddling the Point of No Return.

On the border between Love and Illusion,

I perch, terrified to fall,

And have my bones shattered against Reality.


Twisted Sheets

Come, let us escape awhile,

And leave the world

Behind closed doors.

Tuck adulthood away,

Beneath the bed,

Beside your work-boots.

Let me remind you how it feels to be




I’ll wrap my legs around your waist,

And whisper runaway tales

Of the life we would live…

If we could only abandon

The life that we lead

Beyond these twisted sheets.